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Veterans Day

In honor of Veteran’s Day, here’s an anecdote: I did not serve in the military, but I was born into it. Nearly every male relative in my life was/is a Veteran: my Latino grandfather served as Master Sergeant in the Army for 25 years (he made cartographical maps by hand for the military, too, and was also a competitive boxer in Golden Gloves when you had to compete to get in). His Hispanic accent lives in my memory. My great Uncle was lifelong military, a pilot in the Berlin Airlift, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. (There’s a crazy story about him taking on extra passengers, including foreigners, and barely making it off the runway in time to escape a fire due to excess weight/cargo.) My Lebanese grandfather was a Drill Instructor for the Air Force before becoming a patented chemist for the government making space shuttle inventions for NASA and weaponry-like-creations for the military (as well as a first string violinist in the symphony that was fluent in many languages. He worked on the M&M candy shell). Another uncle was in the Green Berets, and we never knew what he did abroad, except that he was supposed to blend in as a Frenchman even though his first language was Spanish. That’s all we know to this day as he wasn’t allowed to talk about it, even to his wife. The stories go on.

As an adult, I’ve noticed military men and Veterans seem to gravitate towards me in daily life, which can be good or bad, depending… attached are some photos which include the following: my two grandfathers (one of which was featured in LIFE magazine for inventing solid gasoline), my great uncle’s coffin, my uncle in Green Berets, the flag given to mi abuelita at Fort Sam Houston after her husband of 64 years was laid to rest with a military funeral, and an E-4 Senior Airman insignia patch on a a BDU jacket I have on the chair at my desk given to me by someone’s mother. I value all parts of the military. However, the Army, Marines, and Air Force is where most of the men I grew up with derived. (insert salute)

Published by Nicolette Mallow

‡ Nicolette Mallow is an Artist: writer, dancer, vocalist, thespian, model, and (amateur) photographer. Writing is Mallow’s strongest artistic skill. Internationally published in the United States and Europe, Nicolette has obtained 110+ publications thus far. Mallow has interviewed an extensive list of talent and collaborated with companies and PR teams from Texas Monthly, National Geographic, Prevention Magazine, HBO Films, The Hollywood Reporter, SXSW, The David Lynch Foundation, Cine Las Americas, The University of Texas at Austin and more. Presently her portfolio entails 12 national awards or scholarships, including both individual and group projects. Working with Press and Publicity teams from companies like Sunshine Sachs, Fons PR, Frank PR, and CW3PR — Mallow can liaise with publicists, entrepreneurs, and their brands. Since 2005, for 17 years, Nicolette Mallow has covered numerous press, corporate and red carpet events as a (dyslexic) writer. Mallow has interviewed talent far beyond her years, including Jimmy Chin, Greta Gerwig, Bob Roth, Dr. Travis Stork, Joan Lunden, Larysa DiDio, Lauren Handel Zander, James White, Jay Roach, Naomi Whittel and Roc Chen. Once, she was a public speaker for a national business conference. Her career is diverse and transcends a vast array of industries, but the focus is always on the arts. Nicolette Mallow does enjoy all forms of writing, but her favorite writing genres to create entail editorial, arts & entertainment, literary journalism, travel, magical realism, nonfiction, technical and promotional publicity. Over time Nicolette has attained Press Credentials to events like Texas Film Awards (hosted by Austin Film Society), The Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin Film Festival, Euphoria Music Festival, and The Blanton Museum of Art. She also wrote for Savannah Magazine, a radio station operated by EMMIS Communications, District newspaper, and the Thinkery (formerly Austin Children’s Museum). In her spare time, Nicolette creates a magical realism novel and turns her nonfiction memoirs into short story novellas. Obtaining two degrees from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), she has a Master of Arts degree in Arts Administration (a graduate degree now recognized as Creative Business Leadership) and a B.F.A. in Writing. Born and raised in Texas and NYC—Nicolette Mallow is also a world traveler that lives for art and loves to learn. “L’art Pour L’art.”

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